The Disco handbag is developed with a mesh raffia fabrics endowed with a vegetal image. A palette of warm shades reveal a macro flower design underlined by the fine black raffia used on the the sides of the bag and matching with the soft leather trims. The essential geometrical shape grants a modern minimal look. Handbag closed with a top magnetic,no lining inside but one large cotton pocket.

Made in Italy

(altezza modella 1,69)

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Natural rafia, cotton canvas, jute, leather, bamboo wood. Different materials and natural colors like beige, ocher and black combined together. The SALENTO Collection is characterized by extremely natural textures and a variety of vegetal and ethnical patterns. You can live the vibes of a place that means sea, sun, art, nature. Five different shapes and sizes, for day and night. Bags made with a technical flexible and highly resistant material that lasts overtime.

Weight 0.460 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 13 cm